Galaxy Watch 4 CLASSIC Tips Tricks & Hidden features

Find out what's new with the Galaxy Watch 4 CLASSIC! New features With Some Tips Tricks & Hidden Features.

Galaxy Watch 4 CLASSIC Tips Tricks & Hidden features
Galaxy Watch 4 CLASSIC Tips Tricks & Hidden features

Galaxy Watch 4 CLASSIC Tips Tricks & Hidden features

It's a pretty good time to show you guys some galaxy watchful classic tips, tricks, and hidden features, like using a qwerty keyboard, snore detection, body composition scans, and a bunch of other cool things. And even though the main difference from the normal Galaxy watch 4 is this massive rotating bezel. This is still a Powerhouse of a watch. So let's get into it. 

Useful Features

So chatting about some of the most useful features when it comes to the Galaxy watchful classic, if you head on over to the menu section and click on that camera icon straight away, it opens up the camera on your Samsung phone. And now you can use your watch as a viewfinder. So you can snap a bunch of pics. Or if you change to video mode, you can hit the record button on your watch. And as you can imagine, this makes taking videos or pictures of yourself so much easier.

Then another really useful aspect of this watch is a notification. You can get just about any notification on this watch, and you can respond in a number of different ways. What I also really like is when you receive a phone call, if you rotate the bezel clockwise, it'll answer the call, or if you rotate it anti-clockwise, it'll be clinical.

There are also a whole bunch of different exercising modes to choose from within the health application. You simply head on over to exercise, then choose a workout. And as mentioned, there's literally anything and everything to choose when it comes to exercising.

Scan Body Composition 

Now, I mentioned this feature on my Galaxy Watcher for video, but it still blows my mind that these watches can actually do this. So if you head into the health application and scroll down using the bezel, you'll eventually see body composition. Once in there, you'll see the option to measure.

And if you tap on that, it will quickly run you through some information about their body composition scan. And then you can click how to measure, and it will show you exactly how to measure your body composition. So you simply place your two fingers like that. Then it starts doing the scan.

Then finally, every single one of your results is revealed and the result is definitely accurate enough. I mean, I'm kind of puzzled at how they do this, but nonetheless, it's still a nifty feature. 

Watch Faces

Now, let's talk about watch faces because I love a good watch face. And in the Samsung Galaxy wearables app, you have a bunch of different ones to choose from. So I know the watch faces menu right here. You can see just how many there are. And once you find one, you like the look of a simple tap on it, and almost instantly, it will install on your watch. Some are even animated. And on top of that, if you click the customise button, you can then customise things further by choosing a different character, different clock types or adding complications. So complications are basically extra metrics. You can add to your watch face like a compass, for example, maybe the battery percentage, or a message shortcut. And when you're done, everything will be beautifully displayed on your watch face and also super easy to access.

So whether you like something with characters or super bold bright graphic Styles, or something a little bit more classic, stylish, and sophisticated, you decide because the options are all there.

Find My Watch

Okay, so find my watch is a super useful feature no matter who you are, because not only does it make finding your watch and your phone much easier, but it's kind of like a safety blanket too. So within the Galaxy wearables app right over here, almost front and center. You'll see find by watching if you tap on that. And not only will it show you your watch's location, where you can even navigate to, but it'll also have this ring option where if you tap it straight away, your watch will start making a ringing sound, which of course makes it a thousand times easier to find. It's also super loud, which is awesome. But now, on the other hand, if you misplace your phone, you can just click that little search icon, tap start, and straight away. Your phone will start making a sound.

So with these features, you can keep a pretty sharp eye on your Tech. 


Now, something I always like to do with my watches, and my tech is by some super slick accessories, and I found some pretty cool ones for the watchable classic. First up are these bumpers, which you can get in a couple of different colours, but essentially what they do is protect the outside of your watch, and they actually look really cool.

Then, luckily, you can also easily change the watch straps on the Galaxy, a watchful classic and online. You'll be absolutely amazed at how many different types of watch straps you can get. So they're very easy to change and just give you a watch, a new look.

Then these mini watches screen protectors are a huge must to protect the screen from any scratches, even though it has a seriously strong glass. It's another layer of Extra Protection. 

You can also get some really cool charging accessories, which is a nice little stand that sits on your table. This is basically a silicone watch charging stand. And because it's silicone, it's actually super affordable. You just place your existing watch charger in the stand like that.

And when you're ready to charge your watch, place it on your stand and you're good to go. 


Media is another big part of this watching because, within Spotify, you can actually download playlists right to your watch. So you can listen to your favourite music without ever needing your phone. All you do is select your favourite playlist within Spotify. And right over here, you'll see the option to download to watch. Once you click that, it will take a couple of seconds to download. And you can even use Galaxy buds to pair to you watch and listen to your favourite songs. Another thing you can do is access the wearables app, then click on what settings. And right over here you'll see managed content. within here you can add your own music tracks, or even add your own images. So I just selected some of my favourite pictures, clicked the done button, and they instantly started uploading to my watch and then accessing them. You just go to the main menu and click on the gallery icon. And right over there are all the pictures I just uploaded. It even displays gifts, which I thought were pretty cool. 

Snore Detections

You probably won't don't leave me. But this watch records your snoring. It is the craziest thing, but it's so damn cool. 

Did you need to make sure it is activated first? 

So, once again, within the health application, if you scroll right to the bottom and select sleep, then if I scroll down a little more, you will see snore detection. And if you tap on that, it'll prompt you to check out your phone. And here is where you can toggle it on and decide when you want to record you. So now, when you wear your watch to bed, if it's not during the night, it'll, of course, record everything, and in the morning you can listen to your snoring recordings.

You can check all of those out within the Samsung health application under the Sleep metric. And in there, if you scroll down a bit further, you will see snoring and how many hours you snort for? You can then listen back to them and be shocked. 


Now we have got to talk about typing on this watch because if you receive a notification and use the keyboard as a response option, this is currently what you get. So I don't know about you guys, but for me, this is one old-school way of typing, and it's actually quite frustrating. So this is where the g-board comes in handy. You don't need to First download it from the play store. But that's super simple. You just click on the search icon and use this awful keyboard to type out and g-board, then click the install button, and it'll install in a couple of seconds. Then you're going to head on over to settings and scroll down to General once in there, click on inputs. And finally under the keyboard list and default, you can select your default keyboard to be the g-board keyboard.

That is a lot of boards. Anyway, Once that is done, you can now use this epic keyboard to respond. And honestly, it is a thousand times easier. You can even use the swipe option if you like, and add a bunch of emojis.

Quick Tips

Answer some quick tips. And if you didn't know this watch is also water-resistant.

It also has a really cool battery saver option that you can activate within settings. You just scroll down to the battery section. And in here you can toggle on power-saving mode, or go extreme and click on watch only. This will literally turn your entire watch off, except for the time. And as you can see, it gives you up to 30 days of battery life. This is what it looks like, and there is nothing else you can do, but tell the time.

You can also customise the side keys of your watch by once again, hitting it to settings, then go to Advanced features and select customise Keys. Once in there, you can see exactly which Keys you'd like to customise.

For example, double-pressing the home button will activate, find my phone as a quick little shortcut. So in the future, if you just double press it, your phone will start ringing and making a sound.

So that is it for the Galaxy watch for classic. 

And that concludes our list for today, like always, if you enjoyed it, be sure to give us a big thumbs up and also let me know down in the comment section, which was your good feature. 

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