6 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

6 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life. Have you been crazy busy and just can't figure out how to deal with it all? These 6 easy ways will simplify your life.

6 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life
6 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

6 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

In this article, I am going to be talking about how to simplify your life. In this article, we're literally going to walk through six areas of your life. And I'm going to talk about how to simplify those areas. At the end of each tip, I'm going to give you one actionable step that you can take right now to move forward. So this article is going to be filled with actionable steps that you can take to simplify your life. Now let's move into the tips.

Set Up a Regular Date Who's Close to You

Quality time with people that are close to you is so good for your mental health and also if one of your love languages is quality time. It's important to make sure that you're regularly connecting with people. But sometimes when you are grown, schedules get full, and it makes it hard to connect with friends regularly. So decide to set up a regular date, and that could be weekly it could be fortnightly or it could even be monthly.

The main thing I would say is to make it as low effort as possible and make it totally focused on connection. You could do whatever you want with this. You could make this a theme tonight. You could do a regular crafternoon. It's just about having almost a tradition or ritual that makes sure that you're connecting with the people that are close to you.

To take action on this message someone close to you and ask them if they're keen to do a regular, consistent date.


The first thing that you can do to simplify your wealth is right now set up an auto-transfer of $5 to $20 or more depending on what your income level is every single week or a line with your paycheck that is specifically for birthdays and events. Only use that money when a friend's birthday or your partner’s birthday rolls around, and you need to buy them a present.

I feel like I haven't actually done this properly until this year before I would come to someone's birthday and I’d just be pulling money out of my regular savings or out of my standard money. And then I'd feel like I was poor for a few weeks afterward.

Now because I have my little birthdays and events account set up if someone's birthday rolls around there is no stress. I know that I have the money sitting now and I feel like I'm able to celebrate with even more ease. 

To take action on this, go into your bank account, set up a sub-account for birthdays and events then set up an auto-transfer. 


The one way to simplify your health is before New Year's message all of your friends and all of your family and ask them for their favorite healthy recipe and their favorite healthy snack. You can compile all of those in a place like notion and whatever note management app that you want, or even just in a book. And you will have some go-to healthy meals and snacks for your next year. It is always easier to be healthy when you have easy recipes at your disposal and easy snacks at your disposal.

The one action step that you can take for this tip is to message your friends and your family and ask them for their favorite recipe and their favorite snacks. That way everyone also sorts of gets to benefit from you getting all of these recipes. Everyone can have a healthy 2022.

Fun and Recreation

The first step to simplify the fun and recreation in your life is to create a list of enjoyable things to do that have relatively low costs. So it could be things like a Twilight or Harry Potter marathon, a crafternoon pumpkin carving on Halloween. Make this a list that has checkboxes in it, and you can do it in a place like the notion, or you could even do it in apple notes or Google keep because all of these places have collaborative features.

Then you could share this with your friends and make it a little collaborative list that you can all go to whenever you want to do something fun during the year. This really simplifies planning, enjoyable moments in your life because you're not having to constantly think of ideas. You kind of just have a list that you can go back to every single weekend to be like what are we doing.

The action step for this tip is to go create your list, make it a collaborative page in whatever note-taking app you use and send it to your friends.

Connection and Spirituality

I have two tips for this one. So my first way to simplify connection spirituality and this is more along the lines of goal setting and if you're into manifestation. Firstly set up a little manifestation playlist that you can play in the car. Alternatively get a bunch of audios that are affirmation-focused audios and have them set so that you can play them in the car. I have created a manifestation playlist on Spotify. It is all of the good bring the good stuff into your life kind of vibes.

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A car feels like a really safe space when you're doing any kind of affirmation like you're very much in your own little world, or alternatively having those manifestations style songs playing in the background just feeds your mind with all of the good things. And it's very much like an easy way to put that kind of thing on, not so much autopilot, but kind of it makes it easier to practice that kind of self-work.

To take action on this type, find some affirmation tracks that you can play in the car and have a link to them that's easy for you to access on your phone so that you can play it.


The next tip is related to meditations. Create one safe space where you have all of the meditations that you know that you like, that are easy to access and easy to launch on your phone or whatever you listen to meditations on. So a while ago, I used to really struggle when it came to meditations because there are so many free meditations available and I really like consistency. I also have a specific style of meditation that I like. I don't enjoy lecture-style meditations, I really enjoy mental exercises when it comes to meditation so like guiding you through thought processes or imagery, or that kind of thing.

 You can do this by finding any free meditations that you genuinely enjoy and putting them in a little Google Notes app that's really easy to launch on your phone or you can find a meditation app that you really enjoy, and make sure that meditation app is really easy for you to access.

The action step for this varies so you can either find a meditation app that you like. So you have one consistent space that you go filled with meditations that you enjoy. Alternatively, create a note and whatever note-taking out that you use and fill it with a bunch of links to meditations that you know that you will enjoy and that you get value out of.

And that concludes our list for today, like always, if you enjoyed it, be sure to give us a big thumbs up and leave us some love in the comments 

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