5 WWE Wrestlers Who Are Better As A Heel Than A Face

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Are Better As A Heel Than A Face. When it comes to the biggest WWE stars in the world, the United States most popular pro wrestling promotion is all about the heel. Find out why they're better in heel roles

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Are Better As A Heel Than A Face
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5 WWE Wrestlers Who Are Better As A Heel Than A Face

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As the transformation from Mr. Tumnus looking Babyface to heel Neville is burning with the work he is doing in the cruiserweight division, as chairman of the cruise OS, his heel turning successfully He aroused all his work. He also managed to reach New Heights by knocking out the Cruiserweight Division and became the WWE Cruiserweight Champion not only looking and acting as part of the heel, but his mic career is something to be thankful for as there is real disgust with Malice. by his voice.

In every promo, he brings in since becoming a Cruiserweight Champion. Neville is pretty untouched and has had a great game against the likes. Don't worry, Swan Jack Gallaher, Austin Aries duplicate. And recently, our guardians, as he faces the devil, are looked down upon and ignored. However, from the beginning, you will be on another level, the Neville level.

Seth Rolling

This may be an interesting choice for some. But I firmly believe that Seth Rollins as a heel is where he is at the top. Some of you may agree and some of you may not agree, but his big ego, a cocky attitude and arrogance, and a bad laugh. How can we forget those were the qualities that made him one of the top heels in the WWE? All eyes were on Rollins while running only the World Heavyweight Championship, and we can and cannot. We were going to watch Rollins copy his winning streak against some of the top guys in the company.

But that was the subtle nature of his character. Although Rowlands is beautiful as a child. He has never reached the level of heroism he once had as a heel. And yes, there is still time, of course, but I personally think Ron is as much a part of him as he will be, contrary to my unusual opinion. All Seth Rollins is the right fit for the business.

Vince McMahon's

When you think of Vince McMahon's name, you don't think of a happy Boss full of smiles, but you think we will be the richest and most powerful person in the world to make your life a living hell, regardless of what you think, but that's part of his self-image. All he says is just what he thinks. I don’t mind what you played, my last problem, the Vince WWE cream bars. I’m not giving you a push for less talent. I do not abuse sweaty men.

Believe it or not, Vince McMahon has been the face several times over the years. Search only when Shane McMahon took over in 1999 and during The Invasion. However, it was the times when Vince McMahon was a well-remembered heel as he was just a natural-born criminal, and it was in his blood, and so on if you ask me, we began to testify about the character of the evil man in the background.

A Montreal screwjob in 1997 and since then, his character has improved, especially when he clashed with Stone Cold Steve Austin during the Mood Season. It's me. Austin is the son of a bitch. What worries me, Austin. It has always been me. Martin

The Miz

The A-lister of WWE calling himself. MS is probably one of the biggest heels in business today and is affiliated with Maurice. They really are, whether you like it or not. For many of us, it is probably the last one. There is no denying that the arrogant and arrogant Missus Persona, combined with her impressive work of Mike, below if I should say, makes her a very successful healer. He has a lot of annoying power, which makes you want to hit him in the face. But strangely enough, that is a good thing, as it means he does his job, right? Can you imagine the time when Miz was the face?

It is hard to imagine a time. But surprisingly, he was the first in his career when he joined Mick Foley's team in the Survivor Series 2012. And again, when he challenged the then-United States champion, Antonio Cesaro, who was a heel in early 2013. However, these times are worthless compared to the work done by Miz. Now, as a heel, as it hurts to admit Miz is amazing at what he does.

Chris Jericho

If for some reason you think Jericho is as good as a face rather than a heel, then you are stupid. Nothing worse. For the past four years, Chris Jericho has been proving why he is the best in the world. And what he did with Incredible Mike’s career and reading ability as a heel is when Jericho won and his Feud against Shawn Michaels in 2008. And the work he is doing now is one of the best in his career. So far, at one point, Jericho refused to accept WWE assets and even slapped Shawn Michaels' wife in the face. So if that does not make him a good person, then he will not know what makes his decoration, right.

There is a reason why he's won all six of his world championships as a heel because he's pretty damn good at it. Don't agree with me. Well, you can drink it in. 

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