5 Ways to Change Your Life in One Year

5 ways to change your life in one year! A different perspective on transitions ...

5 Ways to Change Your Life in One Year
5 Ways to Change Your Life in One Year

5 Ways to Change Your Life in One Year

Most people want to change their lives, but in one big sweep. They want really grand change but more often change comes from Little consistent actions. Baby steps that you take regularly turn into those really big changes.

Focus On Small Wins

This is for anyone who feels like they are not capable of achieving goals. People who feel like they can't stick to anything or who don't have faith in themselves focus on a year of small wins.

So this year, instead of setting grand goals, go on this huge Health Journey. Set a goal to practice movement one time a week in any way, shape, or form. Build up your confidence by setting the bar low for yourself.

A company called Ultra Working has almost like this virtual Pomodoro Club, where all these people get together and they do Pomodoros together. They set specific goals for each Pomodoro. The way that they have it set up is that after three Pomodoros. If you haven't achieved the goals that you've set, they asked you specifically to intentionally set lower goals for yourself that are highly achievable to boost your confidence.

If you're gone for three years in a row, or even just one year where you haven't found yourself achieving your goals, start setting the bar Lower for yourself. Small wins like Journal once a month, meditating for 5 minutes on Sunday, going for a walk once a week.

The purpose of this isn't necessarily to tick off those things, although they definitely should be goals that you're actually attached to that you actually see as valuable because otherwise, you're never going to achieve them. But the purpose is to show yourself that you can achieve the things that you set out to do. Essentially, this is a practice to shift your mindset.

Transform Your Crutches

Everyone has crutches. Some people when they are anxious Journal, some people when they are sad they binge on Netflix. When some people are frustrated they reach out to friends. When some people are insecure they lash out. Some crutches come with more benefits and fewer negatives like journaling over lashing out.

You are not a bad person for having crutches that may be aren’t as healthy. But in saying that the impact of learning to move towards healthy crutches is life-changing. In the book By Yourself the Fucking Lilies by Tara Schuster, she talks about finding your crutch and writing down why it's not good for you on a post-It note and sticking that post-It note all around your home. Read and reread these notes until they sink in and then baby-step yourself away from those unhealthy crutches by offering yourself a deal.

I'd also argue that you should do the opposite as well to find the healthy crutches that you want to replace the unhealthy with and talk about why they are good for you. So when I leave the office by 5 pm, I feel so much more put together than the next morning, or when I do an anxiety meditation it feels like medicine for my mind and I feel so calm.

So to implement this get really clear on the immediate negative impact of your more unhealthy crutches and get really clear on the immediate positive impact of your Healthy crutches. Write those impacts on Post-It note, or in your notion, or wherever you look regularly and start to practice them almost like they are affirmations. It might take six months or might take a year, but the more that you start leaning towards healthier crutches.

Get Clear Out What Productivity Techniques Work For You

Knowing what productivity techniques work specifically for you gives you always this toolbox that you can go back to every time you are struggling to get yourself to book your appointment, do your life admin work on that goal that you’ve been wanting to work for a really long time. It's life-changing to be able to figure out how you can get yourself to do the things that you may not feel immediately motivated to do but you know will be good for you.

You could set out a little three-month plan where you try all of the different productivity tools and see what works best for you. When it comes to getting things done I'm a big believer in personalizing your planning, your productivity, and figuring out what works for your mind one thing can work so well for someone that you see on the internet. 

Practice Rain

The 4th way to change your life in a year is to start practicing rain regularly. Rain stands for recognizing your feelings. Allow how you're feeling without judgment, investigate so ask where is this coming from?

You can practice rain when you are experiencing difficult emotions at the moment. So you're actually dealing with a situation that's causing you to feel some type of way. But you can also do it when heart emotions come up about past experiences, which is something that I find happens to me a lot. And this happens to anyone who tends to hold onto things in their life.

I heard somewhere recently that the brain is constantly serving up the unresolved. So your brain is constantly serving up past experiences that you haven't really sat with that. You haven't let yourself feel the feelings for.

Five Tasks Per Week

This is one of the most straightforward pieces of advice and it's also one that if you do it 100%, there is not a chance that your life will not completely change by the end of the year. If you apply this advice.

Every single week, look at your vision board, the things that you want to achieve. Look at your shortlist of goals, and it should be short. Then write down three to five tasks that you can do that will get you towards those goals. This is most applicable for project-based goals. So buying a house, starting an Etsy store, building your Tick Tock following. Then you want to schedule those tasks into your calendar.

I don't advocate for weekly time blocking in advance, but that's only because I haven't found a way to make it work sustainably. For me, however, what I will do is schedule in just three to five tasks relevant to my goals, and I'll plan the time around those slots may be on the day.