5 Released WWE Wrestlers Who Look Different After Leaving WWE 2021 - Triple H New Look

Top 5 released WWE wrestlers who look different after leaving WWE. Find out more about WWE talent who are now free agents and what happened to them in the ring.

5 Released WWE Wrestlers Who Look Different After Leaving WWE 2021 - Triple H New Look
5 Released WWE Wrestlers Who Look Different After Leaving WWE 2021 - Triple H New Look

5 Released WWE Wrestlers Who Look Different After Leaving WWE 2021 - Triple H New Look

Braun Strawman

This is what Braun strawman looked like the last time that WWE fans saw him on TV. It was at WrestleMania backlash in May of twenty Twenty-One. Just a short time later on June, 20 21 he would be released from the company. It was obviously very upsetting for not only fans but for Braun strawman in his final appearance in WWE Braun had a shaved head and a very dark beard. But Braun today looks very different as he is decided to drastically change his appearance.

Braun revealed his brand-new look at a convention where he was signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. A lot of fans were shocked when they saw him at the convention because Braun always had a dark beard, but for whatever reason, he cited to color it. And when asked about why he decided to make the change, he said that it was because he was trying to distance himself from the Braun strowman character, especially because he is not legally allowed to use the name Braun strawman.

Instead, he is currently using his real name, Adam shares and he hopes that with this new look, fans will no longer say, hey, look, there's Braun strowman, and instead they'll say, oh, look, there's Adam share. It's going to take a while before that happens. But that's what he hopes. So he not only has a new name, but he has a brand new look. Some people say it looks kind of reddish. It's a very light brown. But either way, Braun looks completely different compared to his days in WWE carrying cross has decided to change his look.

Kariong Cross

So Karriong cross debuted on the main WWE roster on July, 20 21 he was then released a few months later on November, 20 21 I don't think there's anybody who can say that his time on the main roster was anything spectacular. And the outfits they forced him to wear didn't help during a short run. And WWE carrying cross had a shaved head and a goatee.

But today, carrying a cross has changed his look. He now has a full head of hair, and he has gotten rid of the goatee and is now growing a full beard carrying decided to change his look because unfortunately, he was very embarrassed by the way he was used on Monday Night Raw. And he had to figure out a way to make people forget about this horrible time that he had on the main roster.

And one way to do that is to completely overhaul his look. But one thing that he knows for sure is he does not want to look like he did in WWE.

Keith Lee

Unfortunately, Keith Lee has gotten very old-looking very quickly. So the last time we saw Keith Lee and WWE, he was now going by the moniker Keith Bearcat Lee. And he had grown some facial hair, a very thin beard. It was a dark black thin beard, and then he was released by WWE in brr. But after being released.

Keith Lee revealed that he is actually been secretly coloring his beard and hair. This is because Keith says that he is prematurely gray, and he's been doing this for many years, and he's always been embarrassed about it. Keith Lee is only 37 years old, and the average man doesn't go fully gray until they reach their 50s.

But Keith Lee definitely has to be applauded for having the courage to reveal his true self.


Lana has drastically changed her look since being released from WWE Solana was released from WWE on June 20 21 last time we saw her on television and WWE, she had blond hair. And she looked like the Lana that we came to know and love. But today, Lana has decided to color her hair black and drastically change her look.

she says she did it for a movie role, and she will go back to being blond once she's finished filming the movie. But right now, Lana has black hair, and to celebrate her new dark hair on Halloween, she even dressed up as Wonder Woman. Some fans like her hair with his new darker color. Other fans say, hey, we want blond Lana back.

And there's a lot of rumors going around that she actually might keep this dark hair and join her husband in anew. We'll have to wait and see what happens, and whether she decides to keep her new dark black hair, or if she goes back to being blond.

Triple H

There is a shocking brand new update about Triple H. Sadly, Triple H suffered what WWE officials called a cardiac event in September of 2021 as something was seriously wrong with his heart. Since this happened, nobody has seen Triple H. He does not work for WWE anymore as the company and he has parted ways, as we know. And XT has been taken over by Vince McMahon and head writer, Bruce Prichard, and Triple H has nothing to do with WWE.

Any more Organics T the only connection with him and the company is that he's married to the boss's daughter. Stephanie McMahon. He has been fired by WWE, even though they haven't said that in those exact words. But if you look at what has happened to NXT is pretty obvious that Triple H no longer works for the company.

We last saw Triple H in WWE on an episode of Monday Night Raw, which took place in January January 2021 when he challenged Randy Orton to match. This was during the days of the Thunderdome. And they had a street fight at the end of the show. And then he had his cardiac event. But recently Triple H finally came out of hiding to do some charity work, and his new appearance shocked many fans.

His hair was much longer. His beard has become very gray, and Triple H looks much different compared to the last time we saw him on WWE TV. Now, Triple H does look healthy in these new photos, but he does look much older, and it's great to see that he's healthy enough to get back to his amazing charity work. It's very interesting to see that Triple H has decided to stop coloring his beard, stop coloring his hair.

You can see some gray now starting to come in on the hair on his head, and it's very encouraging that Triple H is now healthy enough to at least continue his charity work. But at the same time, it's also sad seeing how old Triple H now looks.

But before you go leave a comment below and give me your thoughts about Triple H and Braun strowman, both changing their looks after being released from WWE, leave a comment below and give me your opinion, and we'll see you Next time.

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