5 Most Surprising WWE Couples 2021

The most surprising WWE Couples 2021, including asha Banks & Rey Mysterio, Braun Strowman & Raquel Gonzalez.

5 Most Surprising WWE Couples 2021
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5 Most Surprising WWE Couples 2021

Braun strawman

It's now been revealed that Braun strawman, who was released by WWE is dating a wrestler from NXT and is none other than the NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzales. Now, there have been rumors that they were dating for quite a while. When Braun strawman was with WWE, there are rumors that they were dating, but they work being it very secret. And it wasn't until Braun strawman was fired from WWE that they both decided to make their romantic relationship public.

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And now they are not afraid to be seen in public showing affection to one another, because they have let the world know that they are now officially boyfriends. And girlfriend and bronze strawman is now committed to only her. And it doesn't seem to be a problem with Braun strawman in terms of well, Raquel Gonzales worked for the company WWE that he was fired from Braun's girlfriend. Raquel has a lot of things in common, including they love to go out and socialize with friends.

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They love to go out and have a night on the town. Have dinner goes dancing during the day they are committed to physical fitness. They love working out together, and they are seen in their local gym, working out together all the time. And it truly seems that Braun strawman has finally found the love of his life in Raquel.

Demon Finn Balor's

Gonzales secrets are being revealed about the demon Finn Balor's romantic relationship in 2019 the demon Finn Balor married, a woman named Vero, who was a TV personality and worked for such broadcast stations as Fox Sports in recent months, Finn has been showing more about what's going on in his personal life, and he's revealed, and he is still happily married to the woman that he married in 2019. And they have not decided yet whether or not they want to have children. But until that day, they are just having fun traveling the world.

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They have gone to such places as Hawaii, the Bahamas. They love the Tropical Sun. They love the beach. They love the ocean, but they also love family. And for Christmas, last year, year, they were actually able to visit fin Bowers family in Ireland. And they had a big Christmas together. And this is because, for Finn Balor and his wife, family means everything to them. And they seem to be happier now than ever before.

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss is about to make a big announcement about her love life. Alexa Bliss is rumored to be taking a leave of absence from WWE for the next few months. And this is because she is getting married to her longtime boyfriend, Ryan Cabrera. And she wants to have a huge wedding. And because of how big the wedding is going to be, she needs lots of time to plan it. So she had to take time off from WWE.

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Now, she and Ryan have been Inseparable ever since they met. And this is because they knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. And Alexa is very supportive of Ryan continuing his music career. In fact, drawing Cabrera has sung the National Anthem at several different baseball games. And Alexa was by his side to show her support. And their relationship has gotten a lot of mainstream publicity, including from People magazine, which had an exclusive photoshoot of the couple as they prepare to get married. And it misses that before 2021 is over.

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Alexa and Ryan will be officially husband and wife.

Doudrop & Eva Marie

There is stunning news concerning the love life of an up-and-coming WWE wrestler when Eva Marie debuted in WWE, she was brought alongside a woman named DouDrop. And now dewdrop has taken the spotlight from Eva. Marie and WWE seem to have big plans for DouDrop. But a lot of fans is don't know much about DouDrop, personal life.

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It's now been revealed that DouDrop is actually married. And she actually is a stepmom to her husband's two sons. And it seems that DouDrop is truly enjoying not only being married but also being a mother.

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Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks has a brand new boyfriend, and it's a WWE Superstar. So it seems that Sasha Banks is having some trouble in her personal life, and it's now rumored. The real reason why Sasha Banks is taken so much time off from WWE in 2021 is because she has been having problems with her marriage.

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It's been widely known that in 2016 Sasha Banks married a wrestler named Gareth ton. Unfortunately, it seems that at some point in 2021 the marriage started Ed going through some difficulties. And this is why Sasha Banks had to leave WWE so many times during the year she was trying to save her marriage. But unfortunately, according to Rumours, she has been unable to save her marriage.

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The rumor goes on to explain that Sasha Banks is currently separated from her husband, so rotten. And after separating, Sasha Banks considered herself single. And if the guy came along, she might consider dating him well, seems like the right guy has come along, and it's a WWE wrestler, and it's none other than Rey Mysterio. It seems that after Sasha Banks decided to separate from her husband, she began to grow close to Rey Mysterio's backstage course. Both of them were on the smackdown brand, and they just started spending a lot of time together. 

And at first, they were just friends. But then things started to get romantic. But Sasha thought, oh, this is a problem, because Rey Mysterio's married, I'm single because I'm separated from my husband, but raised married. I can't do this. Well, it turns out that Rey Mysterio was also going through some marital difficulties and had also separated from his wife. And there are rumors that they may have even divorced meaning that Rey Mysterio and Sasha were single.

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They were no longer with their spouses. And when Sasha found this out, she decided to pursue a romantic relationship with Rey Mysterio. And it turns out that Rey Mysterio had the same romantic feelings for Sasha that Sasha had for Ray in the last few weeks. They have begun to date. And if these rumors are true about Sasha Banks, marriage going south about Rey Mysterio's marriage possibly ending, and that Ray and Sasha are now dating.

this would be the biggest news and terms of a WWE couple, since it was announced that Becky Lynch was dating Seth Rollins.

So what are your thoughts about ex-WWE wrestler Braun strawman dating a current WWE wrestler Raquel Gonzales? Also, what are your thoughts on the rumor that Sasha Banks is now dating Rey Mysterio, leave a comment and give me your opinion?

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