5 Hidden Things at WWE Extreme Rules 2021 You Missed

Find out what you missed about WWE Extreme Rules at WWE Extreme Rules 2021. Get the complete show and more!

5 Hidden Things at WWE Extreme Rules 2021 You Missed
5 Hidden Things at WWE Extreme Rules 2021 You Missed

5 Hidden Things at WWE Extreme Rules 2021 You Missed

Becky Lynch defend against Bianca Bel-Air

The 2021 Extreme Rules pay-per-view is over, but there were many hidden things that many fans didn't notice or miss completely. So in this video, I will count down five things you missed at Extreme Rules. 2021 Sasha Banks made her return to WWE at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, but she will not be sticking around for very long.

So at the Extreme Rules as 2021 pay-per-view, we saw Becky Lynch defend her Smackdown, women's title against Bianca Bel-Air. And towards the end of the match, it looked like Becky Lynch was going to lose her Smackdown, women's title, and then out of nowhere, Sasha Banks returned, and she didn't just return. She attacked Bianca Bel-Air.

And then it looks like Sasha Bank was going to join forces with Becky. But then out of nowhere, Sasha Banks attacked Becky Lynch. Now, one of the first things that people noticed was when Sasha Banks came out to the ring as she was wearing this outfit that looked like ring gear, and it's been rumored that this is going to be Sasha.

Banks, has new ring gear going forward. It's also being rumored that Sasha Banks is not going to be sticking around Smackdown very much longer. And this coming week, she will be drafted to raw, and she'll become a top Contender for the Raw women's title. She would no longer be involved in the smackdown with style division.

She will get one more title match. It's been rumored that the week after on the smackdown season premiere, which takes place October 8 she will face Becky Lynch and Bianca Bel-Air in a triple threat at the match for the smackdown women's title. And this will be Sasha Banks is final match on Smackdown.

Lily doll was ripped apart and destroyed by Charlotte

The real reason why the Lily doll was ripped apart and destroyed by Charlotte Flair has been revealed at the 2021 Extreme Rules pay-per-view. We saw Charlotte Flair take on Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women's Championship.

Charlotte ended up winning the match and retaining her title. But after the match to add insult to injury, Charlotte grabbed Alexa Bliss has dull, which she calls Lily and she ripped it apart, rip out all the stuffing, and threw it on the ground after Charlotte did this Alexa Bliss lost it, and she started crying.

She couldn't believe that Charlotte had destroyed her doll, Lily. Now, the real reason, though, behind all this, the hidden meaning why this was done has been revealed. The reason why the doll was ripped apart is that this is the end. The Lily doll is gone.

This is the end of Lily in us. It's not coming back again with the way that Alexa Bliss was acting so upset about Lily being destroyed by Charlotte Flair. It's going to lead to, to Alexa Bliss, going back to the old Alexa Bliss. So this is basically to signify Lily has gone. It's over, and Alexa is not going to have powers anymore that's over with.

She's going to be the old Alexa Bliss again.

Bobby Lashley had a very bad night at Extreme Rules

Bobby Lashley had a very bad night at Extreme Rules, and Things are about to get even worse for him. So during the pre-show Extreme Rules, it was announced that the new day would be facing Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles, and Tomas in a six-man tag team match.

And during this six-man tag team match, Bobby Lashley was pinned by Big E. Now, this is the third time that Bobby Lashley was pinned in the last two weeks. Obviously, we saw Lashley get pinned by Big E, and he lost our title if you weeks ago on raw. And then a week later, Lashley was pinned by Roman Reigns.

And then, of course, it is Extreme Rules. He was pinned by Big E. Now, rumor has it that this is just the beginning of the downfall of Bobby Lashley. And this comes after over a year of Bobby Lashley being protected and rarely losing matches. And the plan right now is for Bobby Lashley to become a mid-Carter.

Once again, he will be pushed down the card. He will not be winning very many matches anymore. He will go back to the old Bobby Lashley, who would win sometimes and lose sometimes a female.

Live Morgan came out to the ring

We wrestlers debuted a new look at Extreme Rules. We saw Carmela take on live Morgan. It was obvious, right? When live Morgan came out to the ring that she had changed her look, look in this side-by-side comparison.

We can see how much live Morgan has changed her look, she has changed her hairstyle and life. Morgan now has green makeup around her eyes, which is another new thing that she debuted at Extreme Rules.

Roman Reigns taking on the demon

A shocking moment occurred in the main event of Extreme Rules with Roman Reigns taking on the demon where the top rope broke at the end of the match. But now the real reason why this happened has been revealed.

And it involves Brock Lesnar Roman Reigns facing the demon Finn Balor for the Universal Title at the 2021 Extreme Rules pay-per-view and an extreme rules match, or anything that goes towards the end of the match. The demon Finn Balor was laid out outside the ring and out of nowhere, his music started to play.

Finn Balor started to flop around outside the ring. It was very odd and somewhat comedic looking. And then Finn Balor got up, and he started to attack Roman Reigns. And then the demon Finn Balor went on to the top rope, and he was about to do the coup de gras. And then out of nowhere, the top rope broke. This then led Roman Reigns to spear Finn Balor and Roman Reigns got the win and retained his Universal title.

And after the match ended, Roman Reigns was seen looking around like who did this, who cut the top rope, who caused the top rope to break. And now the answer is actually been revealed, and it's very surprising, to say the least, and the next week or so, we're going to see who the person is, who cut the top rope, who caused the ropes to break.

And it will happen where Brock Lesnar will reveal that he was the one who cut the top rope. Now, the plan right now is for Brock, Lesnar to actually wrestle the demon Finn Balor who will try to get revenge on Brock Lesnar for causing the Rope to break before you go.

Let me know your thoughts about the Extreme Rules pay-per-view. What are your thoughts on Sasha Banks getting drafted to the raw in the upcoming draft? And also, what did you think about the top rope breaking during the demon vs Roman Reigns match, leave a comment and give me your opinion.

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