15 Plus Family Photos That Went A Little Too Far!

Photos are a great way to remember a wonderful moment in time when it comes to taking photos with your family. Pictures either tend to come out great or end up looking a bit awkward, to say the least...

15 Plus Family Photos That Went A Little Too Far!
15 Plus Family Photos That Went A Little Too Far!

15 Plus Family Photos That Went A Little Too Far!

Photos are a great way to remember a wonderful moment in time when it comes to taking photos with your family. Pictures either tend to come out great or end up looking a bit awkward, to say the least. We will show you some examples of people who went a bit too far in their pursuit of the perfect family photo.

1. Oh, Brother

Part of the joy that comes with having a new baby is being able to dress them up in an adorable little outfit, maybe seeing their little one all wrapped up in a snuggly onesie Inspire these parents to invest in their own adult onesies that we certainly aren't hating on adult onesies or the need to step into some comfy pajamas. But this photo is just 100 acres of awkward. The dad in the ER pose really takes this completely over-the-top.

Meanwhile, the mom has a vacant stare that makes you think she may be wondering where exactly she went to stray in life. We have a feeling that even Christopher Robin himself would think that this is just a bit too much. We assume that the soft beige walls and floor aren't a backdrop, but rather a padded cell.

2. Monkeying Around 

Listen, we aren't trying to suggest that it's wrong to consider your pets part of your family. Some of us have more photos on our phones of our dogs than our kids, and not just because her dog is less annoying and much cuter. But we are going to go ahead and say that owning six monkeys is excessive. The ideal number of monkeys that anyone who is not running a zoo should own is actually 0 and 6 is way outside that.

Not to mention the fact that they got them all dolled up for picture day, although it looks like one monkey is actually either naked or wearing only pants, which somehow makes this bizarre photo seem even Stranger.

3. Inking Of You

Tattoos can be a wonderful way to represent an important event or person in your life. Sure, tattooing your partner's name on your body is a bit risky. But if you're going to make a bad decision, why not go all out and get a portrait of your wife's face on your back. Just for good measure, you should definitely get your daughters on there too. Hopefully, they're done having kids because Dad's back is looking a bit crowded at this point. Well, at least the portraits are done pretty well.

In fact, we aren't even sure why the wife and kids didn't skip pick your day entirely, since the photographer can capture their faces just by having dad turn around. They wonder if he bothers to keep a family photo in his wallet, or if he just shows off his tattooed family.

4. Show Off 

parents sure can be embarrassing, especially when you're a kid. This little boy made sure his bowl cut was as fresh as could be. Matched up his sparkling white kicks with a classy outfit and got ready for his family photo. Mom also looks like she put some effort into getting ready, but both mother and son got their picture day Thunder, stolen by Dad. When you are a bronze god with a body that looks like it was chiseled out of marble, you're not going to miss an opportunity to show it off.

Even if it means you have to pose far away from your wife and child. You don't want to take the risk of one of your loved ones blocking your muscles from the camera. 

5. Here Comes Santa Claus

There is just so much to love and cringe at in this photo. The matching outfits that everyone but Dad is wearing are just the beginning. Then you have the miserable look on Rudolph's face, and the surprisingly cheerful faces on everyone else. Dad is clearly playing the part of Santa Claus, but couldn't be bothered to wear an actual Santa outfit or get something that looks like a real sleigh.

And yet he appears to be holding a whip in his hand that takes this whole thing straight to the next level of odd. We appreciate them embracing the Christmas spirit. But this is one family. We definitely wouldn't want to play reindeer games with.

6. Oh, Christmas Tree

Santa and his reindeer are certainly important parts of the Christmas tradition. But let's not forget, possibly the most notable icon, the Christmas tree, whether you prefer tinsel, Garland, or strings of popcorn decorating the tree is a time-honored family tradition, too many families, but this tree. Well, not so much. We appreciate the creativity since dressing up like elves Santa or reindeers is pretty expected. But the green trash bags

and the Garland ominously wrapped around their necks kind of make this look like a weird crime scene and not a lovely family holiday portrait. Maybe they just couldn't afford a real tree this year, so they decided to improvise with what they had and simply become the tree. We give them an A for, but an F for execution

7. Royal Flush

For those of us who experienced the pain and anguish of growing up in a house with one bathroom, each member of your family having their own bathroom may seem like a dream come true. However, that's no reason to take a family photo of such a thing. We love photos that inspire us to ask questions. And we have quite a few after looking at this Photograph. Where are these people where there are that many porta-potties that are all clean and unoccupied? 

Why are public toilets so important to this family that they decided to incorporate them into their family photo?

and most importantly, did they pose like this? or do they all burst out of their doors at the same time?

Baby, these are just closely guarded family secrets that we aren't privy to.

8. Do You Even Swim?

Celebrating and encouraging your children's athletic achievements is a great thing. Decorating your Christmas tree with all of its ribbons seems like a bit much. But hey, it's kind of fun and unique. Plus. Maybe they lost all their ornaments in a tragic accident. Have your kids wear their swimsuits in your family. Christmas photos, however, are just a bit over the top. It doesn't exactly scream Christmas, and it's probably far too cold to actually wear their suits outside at this time of year.

At least they're all matching, although we definitely appreciate Dad rocking the Ken Bone look before that was even a thing. Who knows? Maybe ribbon-covered Christmas trees and swimsuit family photos will catch on as well, although we kind of sincerely hopes not.

9. Political Family

Being part of a political family can be both a blessing and a curse. Sure, there's typically a lot of wealth and privilege, but there's also a lot of high standards and responsibility. This couple found an elegant solution to wanting to belong to an important family by creating their own. We have former United States President George W. Bush, looking rather 2-dimensional for some reason. Oh wait, he's actually a cardboard cutout because who doesn't have one of those lying around while George steals the spotlight,

there is another important figure featured in this photo, one who wields arguably far more power, Santa Claus. The wife has her hand casually draped over his shoulder while Santa has his hands somewhere that might result in him being on his own naughty list.

10. Round and Round 

Part of the joy of having children is having an excuse to do all of the things that you enjoy doing as a child. Oh, I just have to eat dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and watch Sesame Street, because I'm a mom. Well, the parents in this photo aren't fooling anyone. We know they just wanted a delightful ride on the carousel. The mom looks like she's a Million Miles Away picturing herself, riding her Noble, Steed, far away from her unhappy child. Seriously,

could this poor kid look more comically happy?

He doesn't appear to be crying or yelling but is clearly and silently accepting his fate of endlessly riding the carousel while his mother Daydreams and his father is too busy taking pictures to help.

11. Bribery

We aren't here to shame people for bribing their children to get them to cooperate in extremely delicate situations. Sure, you don't want to spoil them, but sometimes a toy or a snack, and go a long way towards getting some much-needed cooperation. This couple clearly tries that strategy with their son bribing him with not only a new toy but a candy bar as well. Clearly, this kid is a shrewd businessman since he demanded payment upfront, meaning that his Bounty appears in their family photo to be immortalized for all time.

However, while he may not be kicking and screaming, he clearly doesn't approve of this photo session. He's either a pro at rolling his eyes managing to do so at a teenage level, or he's possessed by some sort of demon spirit that really likes candy. And family photos.

12. Stand Clear  

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Well, in theory, anyway, anyone who has experienced it knows it can feel a lot less incredible than it looks to outside observers. We think it's great that these people wanted to incorporate mom's belly bump into their family photo, but they just went way too far in doing so, the straining face and the exposed belly are really uncomfortable, especially since Mom is wearing a pair of jeans. You need an exit strategy for that baby. It's not going to slip down the leg of your Levi's not to mention dad and daughter on the ground there,

What are they looking at? On second thought, don't answer that. If Mom was really about to pop, these two would be in pretty much the worst possible spot.

13. The Family That Drinks Together 

Sometimes when you look at a photo, it's easy to see who the family favorite is. Maybe it's the best dressed and most glamorous person or the one that the parents are positively glowing with pride at, or just maybe it's the giant bottle of liquor smack-dab in the middle of your family photo. We would like to know where this giant bottle came from, and how we can acquire one and not so we can take her own awkward family photo. But just because it would be such an interesting conversation piece.

This picture reminds us of what Lucille Bluth once said on an episode of Arrested Development. If alcohol is the reason I'm here, I got news for you bub. It's the reason you're here too. Hey, this family is probably awkward, sobered too.

 14. Burnt Reynolds

This Dad clearly wanted to recreate that classic photo of Burnt Reynolds stretched out across a bearskin rug, and he would have gotten away with it too, if not for his pesky wife and kids. 

Can a dad just lay sprawled out naked on the living room floor without his pajama-clad family posing in front of him for a photo?

Or maybe they all decided to wear their sleepwear in the family photo, which would have been a fun idea if Dad didn't sleep in the buff. We're also more than a little concerned with how close dad's backside is to the fire behind it. Maybe this family picture was taken free bedtime, and he just wanted to be a considerate little spoon when he goes to bed with his wife later.

15. Classic Grandma

Okay, let's just address the elephant in the room here. Or rather, the angry machete-wielding grandmother wearing an oxygen mask in the room here.

Is this actually their grandmother, or have these three smartly dressed and groomed people broken into some old lady's house to take a picture?

We don't think we'd want to be standing so close to someone holding a big blade and looking so very unhappy and outraged. But the people in the background don't seem too upset or concerned. Maybe this grandmother is really part T-Rex, and she can't tell where you are if you're not moving. So they're holding still notches for a good photo, but for their own safety, clever family.

16. Mommy Dearest

There is no perfect set of rules when it comes to taking a great family photo. But as the pictures we've shown have Illustrated, there are a lot of things. You should definitely avoid just saying no to porta-potties, trash bags, and Winnie the Pooh onesies. We're going to go ahead and add no kissing anyone that you're related to on the lips. Sending flowers or a card is a great way to show that you love your mom. In fact, taking a photo with her at all proves that you love her enough to mildly inconvenience yourself for her whims. And after all, isn't that the most important thing?

If you ever find yourself giving your mom a quick smooch on the lips to demonstrate your love for her, please don't. A good rule of thumb is always to allow enough room between the two of you to fit one cut out of George Bush.

We then, after seeing all these intensely cringey photos, you'll be more inclined to smile placidly when you see your own parents pulling out the camera, as long as they're not asking you to dress up in elaborate costumes or face down and knife-wielding Grandma. Sometimes it's best to pick your battles. 

And that concludes our list for today, like always, if you enjoyed it, be sure to give us a big thumbs up and leave us some love in the comments 

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