10 Things You Didn't Know About Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world's most famous athletes. Here are 10 facts about Cristiano Ronaldo that many people don't know.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Cristiano Ronaldo
10 Things You Didn't Know About Cristiano Ronaldo

10 Things You Didn't Know About Cristiano Ronaldo

These are 10 things you didn't know about. Rinaldo. And first up is a six hundred thousand dollar purchase that almost got him kicked out of football. Back in August. Ronaldo's signed a 72 million dollar deal. So blue six hundred thousand dollars on a brand new yearís and a Bentley Flying Spur. But it wasn't until Ronaldo pulled up to practice that these ruined him. And his teammate's lives a few hours earlier man, you hired one of football's most ruthless managers. And the first thing he saw after being hired was weak pixel, Reynaldo, pulling up a nun, another new car.

Now we could see why the man you were losing games because they're superstar, was more focused on impressing too generous with cameras and actually practicing. So right then and there, the manager, bad Rinaldo, and his entire Club from driving any supercars. And if you disobey, you ain't allowed to play. But at least this punishment ain't as bad as the time Ronaldo faced five years in jail. It was 2017 when old was getting ready for the Champions League final went bang.

The Spanish government attacked evidence came out. The from 2011 to 2014 will Reynolda was Secure and millions behind the scenes. He was secretly funneling 17 million dollars in the offshore accounts. Ronaldo was literally committing fraud to evade, paying his taxes. So once Spain's government found do they hit him with an ultimatum, either five years in jail, or a 28 million dollar fine. And we're not new, there was no football behind bars. So it was an easy decision.

Besides, these contracts had made the money back that same year. So at least the situation only cost them a fine, because what happened when he was just 15 almost cost him his life one day at home, Ronaldo's mom noticed something unusual about he was resting, but he was out of breath, and his heart was beating over 100 times per minute. So she raced him to the hospital, and at first little Reynaldo thought his mom was overreacting until the doctor came in with x-rays. And they let the to know that if we're null do didn't get surgery, his football career and his life were over.

But the surgeons, a promise they were going to do everything they could. So they got to work. The surgery was a success. And just a few days later, Reynaldo was already back to training, and, ironically was faster than ever. So he dedicated his entire life to football because his life easily could have ended. And he just couldn't let down his best friend who literally sacrificed his life. Just so Reynaldo could go pro a few years earlier.

Even though Ronaldo's family was dirt poor, he made the best of it all cuz of football and his best friend, Albert. These two were like brothers because they both were football and had dreams of going pro until one day change both of their lives forever. It was game day for the under-18 championship, and a scout from sporting was there recruiting. We're now doing Albert were both making a name. This game was the opportunity they work their entire childhood for, but see, sporting can only sign one more player.

So this game determined both boy's entire life. And eventually, Reynaldo let reporters know they told us that whoever scored more goals would be accepted there. A cad I scored The Firs, then Albert scored a header on the third goal. He had a wide-open shot, but instead, he passed to me. So I score 130, but only I was accepted to Sporting Lisbon. So after the game, I asked him why, and he answered you're better than me. But listen, that's where things got even crazier.

A few years later, a journalist just had to find out the truth. So she traveled to Albert's house, knowing after that game, he gave up the ball and was unemployed. But thinking she'd pull up to a pretty normal hose. It actually turned out to be a mega-mansion with a supercar collection like where did all of this come from? Well, all Albert could say was Rinaldo. So at least, that one word made Albert million kinda reminds me of the time Reynaldo said one word. And it literally cost the company billions coming into Euro 2020 right before Ronaldo's matchup against Hungary. He was obligated to show up and answer questions at the press conference right when he sat down. 

Now, you think we're no, the promoting water would save lives. But behind the scenes, Coca-Cola's brand literally died before the press conference. Coke shares were worth $56 but by the end of the interview, they'd Fallen to 55 that one dollar drop-off literally meant one word and 4 seconds of Ronaldo's time lost Coca-Cola four billion dollars in market value. But see money like that to them. It's nothing. Let's talk about the timer Noble, who paid a girl 10 million dollars to literally disappear back in 2010. The world found out there were no I'll do it, just started dating a supermodel.

Then out of nowhere, he made a Facebook announcement that seemed impossible at first. The fans thought Ronaldo was hacked because he said it's with great joy and emotion that I inform. I've recently become a father to a baby boy, but he just announced his new girlfriend. Well, social media is detectives, just had to get to the bottom of this. And apparently, during Renault, his last year playing for Man U him and his boys took a trip to the United States where one night when all that was feigning for dessert. So they stopped at a restaurant, but he decided he'd rather have the waitress's cake. Rinaldo left her his number, and they plan for a little sneaky Lee. And I'm sure you all know what happened next.

But anyway, having lived in different countries, Reynaldo, though, after that night, he'd never see the girl again until a few months later, his agent's phone rang. She was pregnant at first run, although didn't know what to think. This entire situation could ruin his life. So we offered her 11 million dollars to keep quiet her identity a secret and to get full custody of Reynaldo Junior to this day, Neva, the world is junior knows his mom's real identity. But when all those admitted that when the time's right, they tell jr the truth. Now, something Ronaldo won't tell the world about is the time you got bullied into an addiction. When Reynaldo first arrived at sporting, he was from way out of town and now living in a new area.

When friends, he instantly had a Target on his back every single day in class bullies, Cloud him for thinking he become a pro football player. And to make the situation worse. Ronaldo was always late to class, but this school had a zero-tolerance policy. And if you were late, you'd be forced to carry a heavy trash car. They called the Ferraris. Little Reynaldo constantly became a victim. And anytime you have seen in the hallways driving the Ferrari, those bullies shouted things like broom Roman. There goes Ronnie driving the Ferrari to go faster, Boys speed up. So one day he told them you can laugh as much as you want. But one day I'll drive a real Ferrari, and they just laugh at him. Now, Reynaldo cuddle at the Rose, spring him down. But instead, it fueled fast-forward to 2021 Noble accomplished exactly what he said. And now he makes over 500000 dollars a week man just can't stop buying cars. Swine no, is bullies are mad just like the innocent girl Ronaldo was knocked out.

See scientists recently discovered Ronaldo's power makes footballs reach 80 miles an hour, meaning each of his kicks is damn near lethal. And here in 2021, a security guard learned this the hard way. Now, I don't know why she was standing right behind the goal, but that Bop instantly made her drop to the ground. Yeah, we're no look came over to help, but he's a football player, not a doctor. We thought the only way to heal her up was handing over his jersey, and somehow it works. So I'm sure she won't be having nightmares like the time when all those entire family was literally haunted by animals.

At first, Ronaldo's 2021 was a huge year. Do became football's first-ever billionaire. He was transferred back to the man. You. And when you combine all that, our boy needs a new crib. We splashed eight million dollars on a mega-mansion that came with seven bedrooms. A movie theater indoor gym was completely surrounded by an open field. So Reynaldo thought his family would love the new place and all this peace and quiet until one Reynaldo met his Kryptonite, see an order for him to be successful. He needs five naps per day and eight hours of sleep at night. But Reynaldo didn't know was he just moved onto land filled with some of the noisiest animals in the fields outside.

He was being stalked by sheep. Yeah, four weeks straight. Every single night, they'd wake up the entire family. So eventually Ronaldo said enough's enough. He put his house up for sale, packed his bags, and bought a new house for four million dollars. But not even that compares to Ronaldo's biggest secret. A few years ago, Reynaldo shocked the world when in the game against Sampdoria, he channeled his inner Air, Jordan Cristiano, Ronaldo. The jump was not only a world record. A study was conducted measuring the lead and Ranaldo generated 5G a G-Force on that takeoff. And his jump was five times the power of a cheetah. He leaped over 28 inches which the ball two meters in the air and held in the air for over a second.

And just so you understand how crazy that is. Let's compare when all those leaps to one of the most iconic Moments in Sports History, Michael Jordan's free throw line dunk, is something that will live on forever. But MJ barely reached a meter in the air with a hang time of less than a second. So when a drawing's greatest moments can't even compete with Ronaldo's her, no wonder why? After the game, Ronaldo's tweeted this. But listen, that's why it's no joke.

He was hinting at something for years. When all those study Jordan, we all know what happened as he got older. And lately, Ronaldo's been spotted playing basketball, throwing down dunks. So if the NBA starts allowing this be players should get real scared and hear me yell. According to Top End Sports, the average vertical NBA player was measured at 71 centimeters or Ronaldo's is 76 we're talking. You could jump higher than Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, Larry Bird, literally NBA legends. So with Reynaldo spotted hanging out with them be players showing up to NBA games and rumors leaking, they could be transferred from man.

You don't be surprised when Ronaldo makes a shocking announcement like this. But see when I was not the only football player keeping secrets, it's like, what if I told you, Benzema aubameyang and Zlatan all let me see their million-dollar cars, and we got in so much trouble. Neymar literally had to save our lives. I bet you'd want to hear more about that.

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