10 Reasons Why You NEED A Jean Jacket | Fall Fashion Trends 2022

10 Reasons Why You NEED A Jean Jacket Fall Fashion Trends 2022. What's the weather like in your neck of the woods? No matter the temperature, a jean jacket is an essential layering piece, whatever the weather.

10 Reasons Why You NEED A Jean Jacket | Fall Fashion Trends 2022
Reasons Why You NEED A Jean Jacket

10 Reasons Why You NEED A Jean Jacket | Fall Fashion Trends 2022

I may be going out on a bit of a limb here, but I believe that everyone needs a jean jacket, denim jacket, whatever you call them in your closet. So jean jackets denim jackets whatever you like to call them. They are a classic. And I truly believe hand on heart that everyone can do with a great jean jacket in their wardrobe. I'm sharing 10 solid reasons why.


The number one reason why I think that everyone needs a jean jacket in their lineup is that it's a piece that goes with absolutely everything you own. And you know what it's like when you're hitting out the door, you just need that extra layer and you struggling to try and find something that will go with what you're wearing, a jean jacket denim jacket will go with everything, and that's the reason it makes it the most versatile jacket you can own.

And please let me know in the comments below how many denim jackets do you own thinking about it? I thought I owned two, but I actually owned three, and I wear two of them all the time. The third one has got a lot of pictures and sort of customized detailing on it.

So I don't wear it as much, but I do own 3 pieces of denim. It's so please let me know in the comments below how many denim jackets do you own? Even if it's zero, please let me know.


The next reason that I think we all need a denim jacket is that they are the easiest piece to Thrift. Every single thrift store I've ever walked into has a selection of denim jackets, whether they're oversized, or whether they are structured or just classic. They're a super easy piece to Thrift.

And for that reason, if you're only wanting to dip your toe in the friend, or you're not sure where the denim jackets are for, you, go and Thrift one and give it a go. Thrifting is a really cheap and easy way to dip your toe in a trend. And denim jackets are everywhere. So go to the thrift store, grab one, and you'll see what I mean. 


If you love leather or faux, leather, pleather, whatever you want to call it, then you need a denim jacket in your lineup. Denim jackets are the perfect piece to team with leather and leather-look Fabrics. It's just that really lovely pairing back. And sometimes that's really tricky to find something that's not going to clash with the leather or create too much of a statement.

But denim jackets are perfect in this instance. So if you are going to dip your toe in the liver, play the trend this season, then get yourself a good denim jacket to pair with it.


There are some really key trends this season, which I think are beautiful things like the gorgeous little bralette, tops, maxi skirts, maxi dresses, and the best jacket to finish off these outfits is, of course, a denim jacket.

So I do think if you're going to dip your toe into some of these new season Trends, it's definitely worthwhile dragging out your own trustee denim jacket from the back of your wardrobe, or looking at thrifting on, or investing in a new classic denim jacket because it will definitely help you pull it together. Lots of current on-trend outfits.


Another really simple reason why denim jackets work is that they don't date. They absolutely don't date a denim jacket that will be in fashion forever. It's a timeless piece. And arguably it's probably one of the most timeless pieces that you will own. So it's a classic, you know, that you're going to invest in something that you will get years and years and years of wear out of.

And if you're a practical person like me, that's important. 


The other thing I love about denim jackets is that they are so easy to customize. In fact, I've seen a lot of denim jackets being just chopped off and cropped with a really rough raggedy Edge, which I think looks really cool.

So if you do have a denim jacket that you're not wearing, or if you Thrift and grab a couple of good jackets may be cropping one, obviously, that's going to create a jacket that's not as Timeless as a classic denim jacket that's untouched. But why not? If you Thrift one-off, you have one that you're not currently wearing.

Think about customizing it and making it your own. Some of the gorgeous cut-off cropped denim jackets are, in my opinion, really cool and just create a really interesting layering piece, because you can wear something slightly longer underneath. And you just sort of get a few layers, which always look interesting.


The other reason why a denim jacket is a must is that your outfit underneath can be really simple. It can be as simple as a pair of black jeans or simple wide-leg pants, which would be great for the season. Worn back with a classic white tee, and then finished off with a denim jacket.

So the great thing about them is that you don't need to put a whole lot of thought into your outfit. But the denim jacket just finishes off your look.


I love the look of a denim jacket, just thrown over a simple sweatsuit, whether you're wearing sweatpants or a sweat top. And in a hoodie, a denim jacket thrown over that is almost like the finishing piece that just pulls that outfit together and makes it look a little more appropriate to wear out of the house.

It just makes it look a little bit more dressed up. So for that reason, I think denim jackets are, again, a super versatile piece. 


And last but not least, a denim jacket is one of those pieces that you don't actually have to look after, and you don't have to be really careful with it. In fact, you can roll it up and throw it in your bag. And if you get cold, you can put it on, and it is still going to look cool. In fact, the more distressed and the more and keep your denim jacket the color it looks.

So it's a really easy versatile piece in that respect as well.

Anyway, that's it for me today. I hope you enjoyed this one. But before I start rambling, I'm going to sign off here and just say goodbye, and I'll see you real soon.