10 Min Workout to Get Bigger Arms Without the Gym

Need to build up your arms? Our 10-Minute Workout can help you achieve arm-gains in just 10 minutes to help you build stronger arms that compete with the guys down at the gym.

10 Min Workout to Get Bigger Arms Without the Gym
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10 Min Workout to Get Bigger Arms Without the Gym

Thirty Days is enough to pump up your noodle arms and muscle up your t-shirts. Trust me, I would have known. And this is what I did for starters. I measure the thickest part of my biceps 14 inches even. I did it again 30 days later to see my progress, which ended up being more than I'd ever guessed. I didn't buy any gym equipment, just use my own weight at home. Before the workout. I did some cardio to warm up One minute of jumping jacks or high knees.

The Plank Tap

This one targets the shoulders back triceps, Glutes, and core get in a straight arm plank position with your arms shoulder-width apart, Tap your left shoulder with your right hand, and keep your glutes and core engaged. Do the same thing with your opposite hand Three sets with 15 reps. Each was perfect while still in position.

Plank Reach

Move on to the forearm plank Reach. It focuses on your back shoulders, biceps, and glutes, Lower yourself into an elbow plank. Keep your abs flexed, No dipping. Now reach your right arm directly in front of you with your palms facing inward, Stay in that position for three to five seconds, and then bring your arm back down. Repeat the same thing with your opposite hand Three sets of 15 Again. 

Box Dip

For this one, the triceps box dip focuses on your arms and chest, sit with your body facing forward and pull your hands behind you on a sturdy object. It can be a chair table or bench, Keep your legs slightly bent with only your heels Touching the floor, straighten your arms and lift your glutes, Then bend your elbows and lower yourself down without touching the floor.

Do 20, Reps.

The plank up-down

The plank up-down. Now you're targeting your entire body. Arms included, Of course, get in a regular plank position with your feet, hip-width apart, Keep your arms extended and lower your right arm. So your forearm touches the floor, Do the same with your left arm to position yourself in a forearm plank, Reverse those steps to get back up in a straight arm plank. Keep at that for 20 reps.

The decline Push-up

the decline pushup time to Target those arms and shoulders, even more, place Your feet on a step box or bench with your toes pointing down, get into a high plank position with your arms shoulder-width apart, bend your elbows and lower your chest to the floor and then push back up. Do 15 reps with this one.

The Inline Push-up

Next was the opposite to pump up the chest to the incline Push-up, get into the plank position again with your arms, extended on a box or bench. Your legs should be straight out on the floor Behind you press your elbows and lower your chest toward the bench. Then push your body up with your arms. 30 reps are enough.

Plank Jacks

You'll need some cardio in between. So do some plank Jacks. This exercise focuses on your arms pecs, and most of your leg muscles Get into a high plank with your hands shoulder-width apart, And your legs straight out behind you jump your feet out as you did earlier with the Jumping Jacks, and Try Not to relax your glutes, keep at it for 30 seconds and kick things up A notch with burpee push-ups.

Burpee Push-ups

This one pumps up Your shoulders, pecs, arms legs, and glutes Stand with your feet, shoulder-width apart squat in a forward motion, and put your hands on the floor. Then take your legs behind you in a plank position. Now bend your elbows and press your chest down to do a push-up. Finally, jump your feet toward your hands, Jump straight up and reach for the ceiling Do 15 of these bad boys. Let's close with the most difficult one.

The Impossible Push-up

The Impossible push-up. It focuses on your core inflates Those biceps and gives some volume to your forearms. Lie on your stomach with your arms, outstretched above your head, bring your hands together on the floor, making a diamond shape between them, from your toes to your fingertips, Lift your entire body as high as you can stay in position for 2 to 3 seconds and slowly Go back to the floor. Do 10 reps If you can. Here are some other tricks I followed alongside, my arm Focus workouts that help me bulk up.

I did too Minute aerobic exercises a week before my workout losing a lot of fat that hides my muscles. I never skipped my cardio before exercising without warming up my muscles. And blood-staining jackets Help me get rid of excess water weight.

Stretch Biceps

I also stretch my biceps after each exercise, You can try one rule, Put your palm on the wall a little Open your body off the wall until you feel stretched on your biceps, triceps, and chest, Then repeat the same. On the other hand, I changed my sizes every few days. Every eight to ten runs. Your body adapts to your daily routine. So the tests are less effective. I increase my reps over time for the same reason When it becomes much easier to make sets. Add five repetitions each try to find more reasons to do your arms. I like to pull out bicep curls. Whenever I brought groceries, I ate one to two hours before exercising, and I chose foods that were high in carbohydrates.

Pasta breadfruits and Strong Bars are just right for that. I ate and after exercise, give System vitamins and minerals I need One of my favorite things after exercise My favorite foods were rice, cakes, sweet potatoes, chocolate milk, peanut butter, avocados, and fruit or nuts. I never skip breakfast again. Every morning I ate smoothies, fried cottage cheese, or an omelet. I have never been hungry again. So I ate less every three hours. If I don't eat for a long time, I eat later. I always felt full because I kept my food. Absorption of protein is important to help me speed up my metabolism and pump my muscles.

You need about 1 gram of protein for every 2 pounds of body weight. I only eat whole foods that are high in sugar and high in fiber. They helped me digest my food, gave me more energy when I exercised, and saved money. Eventually, I accompanied my diet with fruits and vegetables. Most of them have low calories and make me feel full. Just 30 days later, I measured my biceps again, They were 15 and a half inches That one point five inches more, and when I started. My weight decreases as my muscles grow.

The next step is to add dumbbells. But that is another story. Today's push-up exercises will focus on making your biceps triceps and shoulder muscles, bigger and more engraved, and you'll accomplish just that in just 10 minutes a day. So let's get started.

Regular Push-ups

Regular push-ups. We’ll start with the old one just to force you to exercise and we tend to maintain the right form to do the usual push-ups, get into the woods, Put your hands firmly on the floor so your hands are straight down. on your shoulders. Keep your arms straight, and place your whole body on them at the same time, straighten your legs behind you and place them on your toes. Your body should form a straight line from your neck, down to your neutral neck, and your 10th spine.

Now start lowering your body by bending your arms at the elbows, the movement should be slow and controlled as soon as your chest touches the floor. Push support yourself in the same way. Do not let your lower back sink to the ground. It can cause back pain. Make three sets of five Reps for the first time. Trust me, That will suffice. If you are new to this. Just sighs Just make sure the rest between sets does not exceed 10 seconds. Also, if you find it very difficult to do push-ups from the wooden area, Try moving your lower body with your knees. It will reduce weight. You have to raise the bottom of the Second, the push of the diamond. 

Diamond Push-up

Now let's get to those beef arms already. This push-up variant has a good reputation and excellent results. If you want to properly point your biceps in the normal position of the plank and bring your hands together, you separate your fingers so that your thumbs and index fingers form an A shape and hence the name. Now start lowering your body. Once again, keep your back straight and work with your arms only.

You should feel the tension in both your biceps and triceps, as well on the shoulders and chest as you go down, Make sure your elbows are aligned with your body, pointing them out this way. Your biceps will work harder. Try to touch your chest with your fingers. Then go back the same way. Do three sets of three repetitions in this activity. Also, the rest is no more than 10 seconds in between. It is an advanced method and a person who is not ready. It can be very difficult to do more.

Hands Backed up

Number three push-ups with hands backed up. Now, This is a real contender, but it will point to your biceps as something else. It would be a good idea to start with. The plank supported the knee from the beginning, as it can be very difficult for the beginner. Warned, stand in the first place, push up and move your hands. Lower your body to the center of your back. Now, lower your hand so that your fingers are facing your toes.

If you have been able to stay afloat in this, you are already doing a good job of lowering your body by bending your elbows. then insert them into your sides. When you are about to touch the floor with your chest push yourself up with this activity. The number of reps is not important. So do just three sets of as many repetitions as possible until you fail. Don't worry if there are few as you train and do it regularly.

Your strength and power will grow. Allowing you to make multiple reps per try. And because of its strength, you will see your biceps and triceps grow as if there is no future.

Single-Leg Push-up

Pushing one leg. This type of push-up will not only guide your arms to the chest and back but also improve your coordination and balance. Do not move, enter the normal position of the plank, Stretch your legs behind you and place your hands directly under your shoulders. Now slowly lift one foot off the ground, and do the pushing as you climb. Try not to waver and lift yourself up in a controlled manner.

Once back on the plank, change foot and push up. Keep changing feet as follows each rep. This variation makes the load on your arms much greater Due to the need to measure yourself, Elf. And if you want to increase the activity of your biceps and triceps, bring your hands together, a kind of combination of exercises and push-ups for diamonds, do three sets of as many repetitions as possible and give yourself a little bit of source. -the right rest After you're done.

Gorilla push-ups

The fifth number of Gorilla push-ups ever wanted to officially repeat a King Kong signature movie. Well, you've got it. Gorilla push-ups are full of Farrell explosive power. So imagine yourself as a vicious monkey and go down on it as usual. Get in the place of the plank with your body straight as an arrow. Now, this is the end of the exercise when you don’t need to slow down. Conversely, In fact, quickly lower yourself and use your arms to lift up and lift your upper body off the floor while in the air.

Clap your hands to your chest and quickly lower yourself so that you do not fall. feeling like Monkey King. However, This blasting activity Helps increase the explosive power of your arms and shoulders and, does 3 sets until failure. At first, you may want to take a break and not do more than 35 reps, but as you grow stronger, be sure to do more. Sorry about that. You will not allow your muscles to become accustomed to the workload and continue to grow. And this is it.

These five exercises each do not take more than a minute of your time and give yourself another minute between them to relax. So in total, you will get 10 minutes a day. Do this exercise three or four times a week, giving your body a rest every day, so that your muscles have time to grow. Also, this is an obvious type, but still do not forget that proper nutrition is one of the most important factors in building muscle mass.

So if you want your biceps to be bigger and bigger, eat more protein foods like eggs, almonds Don't be too hard on this. Cottage cheese and chicken breast, reduce your carbohydrates. Taking is also very helpful. So discard that chocolate bar and put it back in its place and other nuts instead. And if you want, quick results, combine push-ups and other exercises that guide your biceps arm muscles. Most effective are bicep curls with dumbbells and lifting barbells.

They work directly on these muscles to make them stronger and rounder to get more prominent triceps, Try to make bench dips and dumbbell floor press has. As for your shoulders, there are lateral and front lifting dumbbells and a dumbbell incline rope. It is important to note that the shoulders are probably the most difficult to identify separately because different exercises work on different sections of the shoulder muscles. So in order to get good and round shoulders, you will need to identify each of those categories Exactly, and lastly, Do not forget that there are two types of body weight.

You can build a Bulky Bulk if you want to stay active, do your exercise, exercise, routine, low resistance, and many repetitions, and combine it with aerobic training to burn fat. This method will give you less light a figure other than the explosive muscles of the bodybuilder. If the major muscles are exactly what you are aiming for, you should do exactly the opposite with short sets of sturdy high exercise Take heavyweights, for example, and do as many reps as possible Make sure you physically cannot do 12 repetitions. on time. Also, don't forget to eat right and focus on your calories.