10 Best 2021 NETFLIX TV Series To Binge-Watch Now

These are the 10 best 2021 Netflix tv series to binge-watch now. Netflix made up for a lack of shows released last year and put out some of the best 2021 series to binge on. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that lately when it comes to the best tv shows to watch, Netflix has dominated its competition and more so in 2021. The best Netflix shows even end up changing the entertainment industry globally and how audiences watch tv now.

10 Best 2021 NETFLIX TV Series To Binge-Watch Now
10 Best 2021 NETFLIX TV Series To Binge-Watch Now

10 Best 2021 NETFLIX TV Series To Binge-Watch Now

Whether it's a new show or a new season of a show that premiered in 2021 Netflix continues to show its dominance when it comes to putting out shows for audiences to binge-watch. So in this video, we will be going over the 10 best 2021 Netflix TV series to binge-watch. Now you'll want to stick around to see which shows managed to take over the world upon their release before we dive in make sure to like this Article. Let us know in the comments what Netflix series of 2021 was your favorite let's get started midnight mass. 

Midnight Mass

We start off with the best horror show of 2021 in Midnight Mass set in a fishing community on a small island. The series revolves around the Town's new Young priest, Father Paul, who is able to perform Miracles such as allowing the blind to see and do a wheelchair-bound girl to walk.

The mass of dry of the show is the mystery surrounding ominous events that begin to happen to the people on the island that make you start to question who exactly Paul is and how he got such power. Mike Flanagan, who also made The Haunting of Hill House, did a great job of incorporating the supernatural to highlight the point of the show, being that religion can be used for good, but it can also be weaponized against the faithful.

Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever upon its release in 2020. Never have I ever seen pricing. Lee became one of the best, and most popular teen shows on the platform. It follows Devi as she tries to improve her popularity status at her High School in her sophomore year, which she believes Can Happen by losing her virginity to Paxton, the most popular guy in school. The second season continued a shows amazing portrayal of a teenager dealing with the typical teenage hardships, such as a love triangle.

But it also carries on demonstrating the importance of a psychologist for teens as Devi needs help coping with her father's death, which caused her to have a psychosomatic paralyzation during her freshman year and accept her Indian Heritage. Not to mention the fact that the love triangle of Devi been and Paxton continues to get more complicated. And even more so after the season 2 finale.

How to Become a Tyrant

A six-episode docu-series narrated by Peter Dinklage. This show is a step-by-step Playbook on how to rule an entire country like a tyrant. Each episode is a different tactic that one of the six most notorious tyrants in the past 100 years has used to control an entire country, such as Stalin's manipulation of the media, Saddam Hussein's elimination of any opposing party, or how the Kim Dynasty continues to isolate an entire from the rest of the world.

Even though the show took a satirical look when discussing a sensitive topic. It is a necessary watch examining how these men rose to power and created absolute rule, much of which feels extremely relevant in today's time, especially episode 4 which described Stalin's control of the truth and media.


This French crime series that incorporates some high action heists, gang wars, and betrayals will soon become one of Netflix's best series ever when low-level Thief, Lee, Ann, and her gang steal a duffel bag with eight kilos of coke, which resulted in her girlfriend getting mapped. She must team up with Medi, a professional Thief.

As they collaborate to rescue their loved ones. Unfortunately, the two are drawn into a violent turf war between two of Brussels, biggest drug gangs, giving us some captivating and adrenaline-pumping gun battles. With only six episodes, the story is fast-paced with the focal point being Medi, who we see bring hell to Brussels, all in an attempt to rescue his knees from the looks of how season 1 ended the season. 2 appears to be set up to be even deadlier and high-octane. 

The Billion-Dollar Code

The billion-dollar code, a four-episode German series that covers one of the most unknown cases of intellectual property rights might not sound all that fascinating. However, this is right up your alley. If you enjoyed the social network, German Pioneers, Karsten Schluter and Yuri Mueller are shown taking on Google in court, fighting for their right to be credited as the inventors of the algorithm that the company used to create.

Google Earth invasion, David has 1991 Devon had Google Google Earth present here. It's 5000 food. He can't have his own Google Earth. as the social network, We are taken back and forth between the 2017 disposition of the case and 1993 94 when the two met and came up with the Revolutionary software. Even with four episodes, the show sheds a spotlight on not just the pros and cons of pursuing one's dream-like relationships being ruined. But also how giant tech companies manage to take an idea from a smaller company, resulting in that company's Death. 

Sex Education

Sex education, the most frustrating will they. The couples in Odis and Maeve returned for an anticipated third season continuing to produce the satirical comedy and outlandish situations that made the series Garner such a massive backing. Season 3 also Incorporated new elements, such as the character development for some of the characters resulting in them, going from hated to beloved characters.

Now it even managed to set itself apart from other teen shows by how they realistically portrayed the parents as complex and extremely flawed people. Well, Otis and Maeve May indeed be the couple we want to see. After this season, you'll begin to question whether or not that still holds true.

How do You Sell Drugs Online

It's no surprise that the third season of Netflix is most surprising. German hit series was just as binge-worthy. In the previous two seasons, the show revolves around high schoolers more. It's Zimmerman's desire to impress his ex-girlfriend, resulting in him and his computer whiz friend, Lenny, creating Europe's biggest drug distribution website, picking up from season two.

We see Moritz and his group of friends go their separate ways. As he takes on continuing to grow the company. He believes he is CEO of season 3 managed to keep the same comedic, yet heartfelt situations these teenagers usually find themselves in and wrap up one part of the group story. which we can expect a quick change for them as season 4 has already been announced.


The prequel animated series, based on the League of Legends video game not only became one of Netflix's most-watched series, but it may have also changed the way streaming services release their shows released as a three-act tail with three episodes put out every week. It gave us a look into the popular video games lure mostly told through the relationship between Violet and her younger sister powder, AKA Jinx, whether it's jinxes, distorted headspace, or the fight scenes.

You will be left mesmerized with the animation done that was beyond anything any animated show has done before. Even if you have not played the video game or know anything about any of the characters. The series does a great job of drawing you in with each of the characters' stories. Season one left us all on a cliffhanger that has us impatiently waiting for the release of the already confirmed Second Season.


Margaret Quelly gave us one of the best performances of the year in her role as Alex a single mother who escaped an abusive marriage while also fighting to provide for her and her daughter as a house cleaner left with no other options for childcare. Alex turns to her unmedicated bipolar mother played by Qualys, real mother Andie MacDowell, resulting in them rehashing some old emotional wounds in their relationship.

Don't be surprised if you happen to shed a tear or two while watching as he will quickly become attached to Alex. You begin to feel her anxiousness watching the on-screen counter of her total 18 dollar reduction with every pump of gas or dollar toy robot for her daughter and pain seeing her put in some terrible situations. This was undoubtedly Qualys breakout performance as there was not one scene in the 10 episodes where she did not command the screen.

Squid Game

It's no surprise that the Korean series squid game is the Top Choice as it became the most-watched show ever on Netflix. The show follows a group of individuals all facing Financial hardships as they compete in a set of children's games for a grand prize of 40 million dollars. The catch is that the moment a contestant loses in any of the games they are killed on the spot. 

As the viewer, it's hard not to become attached to some of these characters, especially save yok, as some of them risk dying, competing for the betterment of not just their lives, but their loved ones as well, with the overwhelming popularity shocking Revelation and the mass of cliffhanger at the end of season one. It's no surprise that they have already announced a second season as well as rumors of potentially expanding the series with spin-offs. Do you agree with our choices? Check out these other Articles from Clever Vulpes review and be sure to Like see You In The Next One.